How to Travel with Any Budget – An Overview

How to Travel with Any Budget – An Overview

Traveling isn’t always cheap, but there are definitely ways to be frugal still having a great experience! In this series, I break down certain aspects of travel and give you my best price range options for each category regardless of what your budget is!

There are 4 major categories of spending when traveling:

  1. Transportation
  2. Lodging
  3. Tourism
  4. Food

For each category, I am going to provide you with different tips and services to fit your budget. The best part about breaking a trip down in this way is you can be frugal in one area to save money in other aspects.

Personally, I have strict dietary restrictions that typically help me save money on food. Then, I use that extra money to splurge on a nicer place to stay or more expensive tourist experience.

I will also note that I choose the word frugal intentionally. I do my best to offer you options with a range of costs. Please remember that there is something to be said about the adage “you get what you pay for.”

Right now, most of my tips will apply to Europe, the United States, and a little bit of the Middle East since that’s the extent of my travels. If you have any tips for South America, Asia, Southern Africa, or Australia, please comment below or write to me in my Contact form!

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