Packing List & Favorite Travel Products

Packing List & Favorite Travel Products

You’ve bought your tickets or planned your route, and now you’re left with the dreaded task of packing.

For many this is a task that is so overwhelming, it’s left until the last night before the trip. I am with you 100% and am most likely found packing my bag late into the night.

If you’re a beginner, I highly suggest you start with this FREE printable list to help your next adventure. Everything on it includes my “must haves” and “might needs.”

Then, make sure to check out my favorite travel products below!

Packing list pdf with items listed

I broke down the list into 3 categories: Clothes, Wellness, and Miscellaneous.

As you pack, this is the order you should put things in your bag, with most or all of your Miscellaneous items in your carry on.


Brown hygiene bag
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1. Hygiene Bag: I started doing this back in high school when I had a lot of sleepovers and wanted the freedom to run out of my house to my friends’ in a moment’s notice.

I usually keep most of my wellness items in a bag like this for ease of access. I resupply my bag after every 1-2 trips.

4 Refillable Silicone Travel Bottles

2. Silicone Liquids Bottles: For reusable travel bottles, I highly recommend this set of easily refillable LEAK PROOF silicone bottles that allow you to change the label.

Normally I only use two at a time for shampoo & conditioner, but for summer I use one for sunscreen, too. You can also use two then gift the others to a friend or family member!

Open rectangular pill container that can fit in pocket.

3. Pill Container: I’ve had this moisture proof pill box for almost a year now, and it’s perfect for travel and over the counter pills. You can remove the organization slots inside, and it can fit in your pockets (a miracle for women sometimes)!

Note: If flying, leave your prescriptions in their original container, so TSA doesn’t have reason to confiscate them.

black rectangular travel adapter

4. Travel Adapter: If you’re travelling internationally, a quality travel adapter is critical. I bought mine years ago and have not needed to replace it yet!

I really like this one from Amazon, because it allows for multiple USB inputs to charge at the same time. It is also small and lightweight for packing ease.

Note: Learn the difference for adapters and converters here.

Now that you have a good packing list and my must have travel items, hopefully you feel more prepared for your next trip!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. If you purchase a product above, I receive a small commission.

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